Want to help out at MCFC?

Want to be a part of what makes this con move smoothly? Have a paw to lend and a few spare hours? Join the Motor City Road Crew and earn neat swag, and even rollover for the next year!

Want to help out at MCFC?

PostPosted by Shannon » Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:49 am

If you want to help out at MCFC and would like to provide information early you can submit the following information to volunteer@motorCityFurryCon.org

MotorCityFurryCon Volunteer Form

Thank you for volunteering! MCFC is a volunteer convention and runs on volunteer help. Volunteering 16 hours earns you free attending reg. Hours are doubled for helping set-up / teardown.
Badge Name:
Badge #:
Preferred method of contact during convention: Texts Phone Call Other
Contact Information :

I would be willing to help the following days / times:
Thursday PM
Friday AM
Friday PM
Saturday AM
Saturday PM
Sunday AM
Sunday PM
Monday AM

I would be interested in helping with (Note : This is not a guarantee you will be in this department) :
Sponsors Lounge
Setup / Teardown
Game Room
Anywhere needed

IF you just have questions feel free to email us at volunteer@motorcityfurrycon.org or here.. here is good too.
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