First Furry Convention?

Is this your first con?

First Furry Convention?

PostPosted by pandez » Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:13 pm

IS this your very first furry convention ever?
Well here's a few simple tips that may help you enjoy the experience.

First there's something called the "6:2:1" rule. 6 hours of sleep, 2 decent meals, and 1 shower. We all want to stay awake and enjoy every single second of the con, but 6 hours of sleep will help you enjoy the subsequent days even better! 2 meals (snacky cakes and cheetoes(tm) are not "meals" - REAL FOOD!) will give your body the fuel to function during those days, and 1 shower will help stave off the infamous CON CRUD that will make your life miserable the week AFTER the convention if you don't! Washing hands is ok, a full shower will help keep away those pesky lingering bacteria/viruses you can pick up just from hanging around in close proximity with several hundred of your new best friends!

Those adorable costumed characters? Those are called fursuiters. Don't worry it's probably NOT an acid flashback. Those are people in costume. A few simple tips. If you're behind or beside them they likely CANNOT see you - make sure to say something to try and get their attention. Don't just run in and glomp them from the side - you COULD hurt someone unintentionally! They will usually love to pose for pictures, but tell them when you're done - they can't always see that the picture has been taken and will hold that post for WAAAAY longer than needed if you don't give them a "awesome got it".

We've all been there. Every single person who is at this convention HAD a first furry convention (unless this is their first furry con too there will be other first timers). But if you have questions ASK THE STAFF!! We're there to help you enjoy your experience! Check out the programming. Go meet and socialize with people. Check out the items for sale in the den. Buy art from artists! Donate money to the charity if you have some to spare!! They usually have cute fluffy animals there at their table go check them out :) But if there's anything you're not sure about - anything you have questions on - go to "con ops" (convention operations) - just ask anyone they'll say 'oh yeah it's over by the tree next to the mailbox etc etc etc' - come find someone with a STAFF badge and ASK us!!! We're here for you :)

I'm sure i've left WAAAAY too many things out of here but hopefully there's a few small basics that can help you out on your first furry con. ENJOY!
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